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Our Mission

“Our goal is to offer financial security and confidence
to women and families through innovative wealth
management strategies. We put the needs of the
client first, delivering comprehensive service and support
throughout life-long client relationships.”

Education to Empower, Support to Succeed.

What We Do

Provide women and their families with the financial care they need during times of change.

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Who We Serve

Individuals and couples looking to pursue their financial goals.

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Why We Do It

We believe you deserve to have a comprehensive understanding of your finances.

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Planning for a New Beginning

A major life event like the sudden death of a spouse, a divorce, or a job change can hit you like an emotional two-by- four. When it does, you may need the financial guidance of someone who has helped people in similar situations adapt and move forward with confidence.

We recognize the sensitivities and unique differences each client and situation bring. Our team has the tools and resources to help guide individuals through all of life’s unique and challenging circumstances.

We specialize in helping women and families in transition organize their finances to fit new circumstances. We’ll give you the compassionate support and caring guidance you need.

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Our Advisors

Laura and Miranda approach planning with the belief that it is centered around making clients comfortable, educating them on options for their financial situation, and putting the focus on a positive experience where they can take control of the final decision-making. While the client's financial needs are the central focus, Laura and Miranda take into consideration the client's emotional perspective, especially during times of transitional stress.

Laura, the founder of Laura Mossakowski, LLC, has built a practice where women and men are welcome and respected. Miranda joined the firm and expanded the emphasis to create the same welcoming environment for LGBT and non-traditional families.

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